5 Easy Steps To Screening New Clients

If you’re like me, you receive hundreds of emails a day from people wanting to work with you.  You want to respond to them all, but at the end of the day there’s just not enough time.  In a few hours I’m driving to my office (on a SUNDAY!) to pour through a few hundred emails from potential clients.  Amongst these emails there are 5 things that I look for to prequalify the client:

1.  Capitalization – We only work with well capitalized clients.  The opportunity cost of guiding another to build a successful campaign is very high when I can do it myself, therefore it has to make financial sense.  

2.  Willingness to follow advice – I avoid clients that attempt to challenge my advice at every corner.  If you know what you’re doing so well, then it doesn’t make sense for you to bring on thr Direct Response team to assist you.

3.  Tenacity – It takes time to get a campaign profitable.  Expectations need to be set in reality from the beginning.  Many of my clients turn profit on their campaigns within 2 months. Others take longer.  We seek clients who are in the game for the long haul, not overnight success.

4.  Ethics – It’s really easy to cut corners on campaigns by doing things like adding false testimonials or deceptively advertising your offer.  I require my clients to have legal counsel review and approve their pages before launch.  Scrupulous direct reponse marketers make sure that their offers adhere to Visa/MC/FTC guidlelines prior to launch.   

5.  Respect of a Busy Schedule – Clients that are busy and understand what it’s like to be busy are the best types of clients to have.  Stick to scheduled meeting and don’t email unneccesary stuff.  One recent client of mine started adding me to his email strings with several other unrelated topics.  Before I knew it my inbox had 20+ emails a day with nonsense from this client.  Come on man!

If your potential client meets this criteria from the beginning, then email him back. If your’re not sure of an area, email him to vet further. If the potential client fails any one of the above criteria, drop him summarily. Better to be upfront and honest in the beginning than to waste your time in the future.