6 Tips On Making It EASY To Buy Your Offer

One of the keys to online direct response marketing is to make it SUPER EASY for people to buy from you.   Here are 6 tips to maximize conversion rates:


1.  Create Clear & Conspicuous Call To Action Boxes ABOVE THE FOLD

When highly targeted prospects visit your landing page, they’re already in buying mode.  Right then and there you need to have a strong call to action box with arrows pointing to it.

Then pre populate as many fields for the prospect as possible.  Program the page out so that people can start typing in the call to action box without having to click on it, exactly how Google does it.  Here’s an example:

2.  Avoid Membership Logins

Membership logins require that people remember passwords.  Chances are that by the time someone remembers their login, a distraction will come up that will delay/lose the sale.

3.  Require The Least Amount Of Information As Possible

Keep the required fields in the initial call to action minimal.   If you can get away with it, just ask for contact info upfront.  That way you are capturing all of the necessary lead info to monetize your abandons via direct mail, email, and phone.   (Even if they don’t buy, you can still monetize the partials with third party companies such as  King Monetizer.)

4.  Create Easy Purchase Flows – 2 Page Checkout Process.

After the initial call to action is filled out, put all of the remaining checkout info on the 2nd page.   On that page you should pre populate all information from the initial call to action page.  Make it simple for people to checkout.

5.  Store Information So Users Can Quickly Retrieve It

Store cookies.  If someone accidentally exits your page, your page should keep their information stored when they return.  Have you ever exited off a page inadvertantly only to discover that you have to refill out the entire page again?  For busy people this can become deal breaker.

6.  Don’t Tell, Sell!

List benefits, not product qualities.  The more ways you show that your offer adds value to customers, the easier the decision is for them to buy.  Don’t tell them about why you’re great, tell them about how you will improve their lives.



Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.