7 Reasons To Invest TWTR

Just how rich can you get investing in a hot internet IPO?  Here’s how:

–  If you had invested $100k in Amazon when the company went public in May 1997, you would be $22,904,500 richer as of November 2013.

–  If you had invested $100k in Ebay when the company went public in September 1998, you would be $7,000,000 richer as of November 2013.

–  If you had invested $100k in Google when the company went public in August 1994, you would be 1,207,200 richer as of November 2013.

Let’s fast forward to the BIG 3 in Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIN, and of course Twitter:

–  If you had invested $100k in LinkedIN when the company went public in May 2011, you would be 500,000 richer today.

–  If you had invested $100k in Facebook when the company went public in May 2012, you would be $130,000 richer as of November 2013.  Note that Facebook had a botched IPO, one of the worst in history.  Nevertheless I think it is a company that is worth buying and holding for the long run.

–  If you had invested $100k in Twitter’s IPO in the beginning of this month, you would be $163,560 richer as of November 28.   Twitter’s IPO instantly created 1,600 new millionaires.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter had unbelievably successful IPOs.   And the future looks even brighter for both LinkedIN and Twitter.

I live, breathe, eat, and sleep internet entrepreneurship.  My only hobby is business, and the only place I conduct it is on the internet.  10,000 Hour Rule Applied + an additional 100,000 hours in the internet game = I know my shit.

That’s why it wasn’t hard for me to predict that Twitter would have a SUPER SUCCESSFUL IPO.

And to take it 1 step further, Twitter is a stock that you should hold for years to come.  You will double, triple, quadruple, and then double your money again and again and again with Twitter.


7 Reasons To Invest TWTR


1.  Mobile is the future.

2.  Twitter disrupted how news is reported & is a VERY POWERFUL tool that can make or break a brand.

3.  Twitter has mass network effect and is growing every day.  There are over 500 million active Twitter users today with 135,000 new signing up every day.   This bad boy is just getting started.

4.  Revenue is growing exponentially:

2013 Revenue (projected) = $399,500,000

2012 Revenue = $259,000,000

2011 Revenue = $139,000,000

2010 Revenue = $45,000,000

5.  Twitter is more popular with the youth than Facebook.  Too many grandma’s on Facebook these days (not cool).  Interesting articles:




Trust me, that scares the shit out of Mark Zuckerberg.  When 16 year old girls stop using Facebook to adopt a cool new social network it’s only a matter of time before all of the boys follow.  Then in a couple of years those kids become consumers with purchasing power….

6.  Twitter’s ad team has historically had NO clue on how to generate revenue.  They monetized Twitter through sponsored hashtags, promoted accounts, promoted tweets, or verifying accounts?  While these methods generate revenue there’s far better ways to make money off the Twitter audience.

There’s a new, very talented ad ops team at Twitter that’s going to turn it into a cash cow!

7.  There’s a high barrier to entry to compete with Twitter.  There’s such massive network effect on Twitter…and it’s so unique…that it is highly unlikely that anything will come along and compete with Twitter in the future.

Get in TWTR and stay in for years to come!

Disclaimer:  I am a Twitter investor and have a stake in its success.

Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.