Exit Pops

One clever tool that seasoned Direct Response Marketers use is the Exit Pop.  An Exit Pop is a window that pops up when web visitors attempt to leave a website.  In essence, the goal is to entice the prospect in a last ditch effort to take a nibble at the bait.

Here’s a few tricks to maximizing Exit Pops:

–  Add an Exit Pop to your presage page.

–  Add an Exit Pop to every offer that you’re running on your presage page.

–  Offer a lower price for continuing to shop your offer.

–   Have the exit pop redirect the user directly to the checkout page.

–   Less text is more.  Catch the users attention with a clear discount.

–   Use fractional pricing.

–   The greater the discount, the higher the response.


Important Notes:

–   Certain traffic sources prohibit Exit Pops, proceed cautiously.

–   Nearly all search engines will penalize websites that have Exit Pops.