Gary Halbert – The Prince Of Direct Response Copy

A few weeks ago I talked to my friend Trent Silver, a really sharp internet marketer.  Trent told me that he wakes up everyday, makes a cup of coffee, and reads and The Gary Halbert Letter.   I laughed and said “come on bro, you don’t really read the Direct Response everyday.  Afterall, it’s just the crazy thoughts about marketing floating around my mind every day.  Thanks for the compliment though.”

Over the next few weeks I started getting all of these random emails and Facebook friend requests.  Guys and gals in the industry reaching out to ask questions about direct response marketing or thanking me for the posts.  As many of you know, I just launched Direct Response in December ’10, literally 2 1/2 months ago.  I researched our stats on Sharenator and discovered that we have over 18,000 daily unique readers.  What!

Say Whatttt!

For those of you who don’t know, Gary Halbert was the best copywriter that ever walked the face of this planet. Gary Halbert knew how to create controversy and didn’t give a flying fuck who he upset in the process. His world renowned newsletters have been described as being bordering on the illegal. I love them!

You know someone is good when they can take nearly all of the subscribers to their newsletter and charge them a whopping $195 per year to continue receiving it.  Shit, most people have a hard enough time just getting people to subscribe to their stuff for free.

Gary Halbert passed away a few years ago.  Years before his death he stopped charging people to read his newsletters.  His thoughts were:

“Well, hell… if what I write helps people this much, it should be available to everyone… even if… they can’t afford to subscribe to my newsletter.”

Thanks Gary!   If you haven’t started reading The Gary Halbert Letter, start today.  It’s one of the best damn websites on the internet!