Increasing Social Signals Is A Must

The SEO landscape is changing by the day at the present, perhaps the only certainty to come out of recent developments is that social signals are now more important than ever. Social signals are really crucial because they should go hand in hand with your backlink campaign.

Look at it from Google’s point of view; a website is getting hundreds or thousands of new backlinks every day, yet no one seems to be talking about it on social media, looks pretty suspicious right? In order to make backlink campaigns look more natural it’s time to embrace social media and increase those social signals before it’s too late.

What kind of links can you get from social media?

You can get various backlinks from social media – obviously if someone tweets a link to your site or puts one in a Facebook status – that’s a backlink right there. One or two of these links isn’t going to shoot you to the top of the SERPS – in fact one thousand probably wouldn’t either. What these links do offer though is some evidence to Google that your site is being talked about. If Google sees hundreds of backlinks being built to your site as well as people chatting about your site on social media, things look much more natural to them.

The top social signals that you should be looking for are links in tweets, and obviously retweets. You should also be looking to have people post your link on Facebook statuses where possible – and you should also be aiming to get lots of +1s on various pages throughout your site. Facebook and Twitter are totally separate to Google – but remember the Google Plus network goes hand in hand with the search engine, so it’s fair to assume that a few +1s is going to help an awful lot with your SERPS.

It’s not just about links!

People posting links to your site on social media isn’t the only thing you should be focused on. Getting “Likes” and Google +1s on your page is also very important – these actions also offer social signals. Perhaps the best way to get bucket loads of “Likes” and +1s is to have the sharing buttons feature prominently on your website. Have them right where your users are looking – that way they will be more inclined to click them.

Building backlinks to your site is relatively easy thanks to the various pieces of automation software out there. Generating social signals on the other hand does require a bit more effort. You can always go out and buy a social media service, like X amount of “Likes” for $10 – but the fact is most of these profiles are dummy ones. Getting real social media signals is a bit of a challenge.

Next time you start a site, hold fire on building thousands of backlinks to it – think about your social media campaign first. The most important thing to do is to make your sharing buttons very prominent to encourage your users to do the hard work and share your site for you.

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