Know Who You’re Dealing With

If there’s 1 thing that I’ve learned in this lifetime it is to know who you’re dealing with.

If you bumped into this guy at a bar, how big of a mistake would it be to make fun of his big ears?


Or how about this old geezer in a wheel chair?  (Some recognize David Rockefeller as the most dangerous man in the world)


I can’t begin to emphasize how important it is to treat all strangers with respect, at all times…  The most successful and fearsome people in the world purposely downplay their success.  They don’t drive flashy cars or don Versace.

Walking around Ad-Tech this year reminded me once again of how important it is to know who you’re dealing with.  i.e.  One of the most prolific media buyers in the world is an overweight hispanic gentleman.  He looks like he could work at the local gas station, yet for every 2 million dollars he’s putting down each week he’s making making 6 million back.  What type of watch does he wear? A Fossil…

On the flip side, there were a lot of worthless fucks walking around Ad-Tech that drive new Ferrari’s and throw decadent revelries…These guys put on a great show, have “the life” perception… but it’s all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

Bottom Line: ALWAYS Know Who You’re Dealing With…Do your due diligence and NEVER judge a book by its cover 😉


Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.