Left, Middle, or Right? What Get’s The Highest CTR?

Over the past decade our group has tested multiple ad placements across thousands of websites.   We’ve discovered the following:

1.  Display ads on high user engagement websites perform better.

2.  There’s virtually no difference in the position of the ad, whether it’s left, middle, or right.

3.  Display ads above the fold consistently receive higher CTRs.

Regardless of position, ad design and copy play the largest role in the success of an online direct response campaign.  The top direct response designer in the world is Rob Shibley, my partner here at Direct Response (I promise he’ll put a post up sometime between now and the next 2 years – we keep him very busy 😉 )

A lot of people wonder how he builds out offers that crush it online?  Is it because Rob’s guys have a natural knack for design?  Or is it more than that?

Indeed it is more than just natural ability, much much more.

There’s a myriad of fundamentals to direct response design that even the highest end designers don’t get.  Effectively creating a sense of urgency, highlighting perceived value, and placing the right verbiage in the perfect locations are just a few of the secrets behind a Direct Response page.

In the next week or so my team is rolling out Direct Response Agency.  This resource is going to assist direct response marketers with the perfect tools for crushing it online.  We have recruited the best designers, video production staffing, copywriters, and developers in the world.  For the first time ever we are going to allow other direct response marketers to leverage our team on their campaigns.

Right now we just sell our rolodex of trusted partners in the direct response space.  Our internal team is second to none.  When we launch, the petal is getting pushed to the metal.  It’s gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. We are recruiting more copywriters right now.  If you’re a solid copywriter with several years of experience in the direct response space, shoot me an email at [email protected]/backup_22092016.  Please include past work experience along with strong industry references.  If you are selected you will likely receive 50-75 projects a week.

Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.