LimeLight CRM – #1 Direct Response CRM

How do the top direct response marketers in the world manage their campaigns?

The answer is simple:  LimeLight CRM.

Rick Del Rio, owner and ACTIVE OPERATOR of LimeLight CRM, is by far the most resourceful person in the online direct response industry.  In fact, I stopped my consulting service and started sending people that reached out to me for help Rick’s way.  Rick Del Rio is the guy I go to when I need answers.  Bottom line, he’s second to none!!

There’s no catch and this isn’t a paid post – something Rick doesn’t believe in.  Whether you’re a client of Limelight CRM or not, Rick is the goto guy for direct response resources.

Why else would Ads Direct buy Rick a bad ass Breitling?

Why else would Gary McNelley, owner of Market Health, completely abandon his custom CRM for Limelight CRM last year.

Why else would just about every Inc. 500 online marketer adopt Rick Del Rio’s LimeLight CRM.

Simple: LimeLight CRM The Best…second to none!

Special thanks to Rick and his team for the enormous value they’ve provided all of us!  Much love!!!