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The way consumers are accessing the web has changed and continues to evolve.  Many traditional websites are seeing over 20% of the visitor traffic originating from mobile devices.  How you handle those mobile visitors determines how well you convert that Mobile Shopper into a Mobile Customer.

Without the RIGHT mobile strategy and platform in place to handle this exploding segment, you’re missing out on valuable consumer information, product sales and the associated revenue.

Making your site mobile “friendly” or “compatible” is viewed as a common first step into mobile.  It is a good start but not where you want to finish.  Even the “smartest” of smartphones can have functionality issues with many mobile “compatible” websites.

As a marketer, it is your goal to create the best experience for an interested consumer to make that decision to purchase your product/service and become a fan.  Delivering a subpar experience tarnishes your product and your brand.

Below is an example between a Mobile Optimized Site and a Non Mobile Optimized site.

Deliver the ideal mobile user experience!  ConnectMedia’s proprietary technology is used to identify the exact type of mobile device being used to access the mobile web app. Based on this information, the transcoding engine delivers site layout, functionality and content format specific to that user’s device.   It is proven to outperform even Mobile “compatible” sites for Iphone and Droid.

This provides an optimal user experience which increases mobile conversions. Currently, ConnectMedia transcodes, optimizes and renders content for over 4,200 unique phone types.

ConnectMedia’s Mobile Lead Conversion Platform provides companies with a turn-key solution for generating and converting mobile customers. We provide a secured and customized mobile web app that serves as a mobile counterpart to your website.

When a consumer is accessing your web content from a mobile device, they will be “redirected” to the mobile web app we create, host and manage on your behalf. The mobile web app is designed per client requirements and secured via 256-bit encryption SSL and certified-domain validation.

Application data is submitted through the mobile web app to client systems via api configuration to provide real-time, seamless processing with existing client systems. Mobile web apps can include a mobile e-signature component when applicable.


How It Works

All application data entered on the mobile web app is submitted in real-time to client systems via API integration.


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ConnectMedia Ventures is a premier Performance Based, Mobile Technology Marketing Firm based in Chicago Illinois.  Our Mobile Lead Conversion Platform is used to generate revenues through increased conversions of mobile users accessing traditional web properties, saving lost sales/partials/C2C consumers and generating additional mobile traffic to client offers.

 We are compensated only through success which keeps our company goals closely aligned with our clients’ goals.

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