O BAM A – Damn That Brotha Can Market

Life experiences have taught me that a good politician is equivalent to a good liar.   The game of politics comes down to votes, and votes come from telling people what they want to hear.   Could you imagine if a presidential candidate told the American people the truth:

“Most of you Americans have gotten fat, lazy, and happy.”

“There’s going to be no more unemployment checks coming your way.   During the rise of America, if you lost your job you either got a new one, or starved.  Starting the day I become president, if you don’t have a job, you don’t eat.  No more sitting on your asses and getting paid….no sir.  There’s no more gaming of this system.”

“If you keep popping out kids sista you ain’t gonna get paid for each one.  Welfare is over.   We’re rolling things back to survival of the fittest.”

“In order to compete with countries like Japan, you’re going to need to roll up your sleeves and get your asses to work.  We’re going to provide new tax benefits to companies that install the “lifetime-employment” model.   Expect long-work hours and a lifetime devotion to your company.  If you slip and fall while on the job, get your ass back up and get to work.”


Well…since no politician is going to confront America’s problems head on AND WIN AN ELECTION, I guess we’re back to the same ole same ole.

With the economy in the gutter and the overall disenchantment of most Americans, do you think Obama has what it takes to put together a campaign for a victory?

If it were any other campaign committee I would say hell no, but Obama’s marketing efforts are second to none.  In fact, Barrack Obama has a dream team of marketers promoting his campaign.

Pay close attention to the tactics used by the Obama campaigners – they use good ole Direct Response tactics.  In fact, some of these tactics ARE THE VERY THINGS Obama’s FTC staff are going after…oh the irony.  Most notably:


Creating A False Sense Of Urgency


Taken at 2:53 AM


3 minutes later I reset my cookies and revisted BarrackObama.com  :



Funny!  Just 3 minutes later, and with a cleared cookie cache, there’s now 880 fewer people donating to Barrack Obama.

WAIT!  Did I just say Cookie?  Isn’t there a whole bunch of legislation out there on stopping cookie stuffing?  That’s also ironic, as our very own president is storing cookies on users computers that visit his website.

Moving on…

Obama’s online campaign is right on point.  Notice the jump page at Obama.com, used to collect email addresses:


The darker blue colors are renowned for creating trust with audiences.

And where are they running their display ads?  Comscore top 1,000 websites…ultra hard.  The cost on their targeted placements is way down.  Interesting Note: Obama’s FTC staff has shutdown most of the largest buyers of Comscore top 1,000 placements – affiliate marketers.   Indeed, domestic placements are now as inexpensive as ever – perfect timing for the Obama campaign ;P

Email, Direct Mail, Radio, Social Media, Television, Landing Pages…Obama’s team has it on lock.  They are masters at creating perceived value.

Will that be enough to succeed though?  I’m not so sure – there’s a lot of  “stop talking the talk, and start showing us results” gossip every time I hear people discussing Obama.  The campaign worked the first time around, but now that everyone has bought what Obama had to sell, are they happy?  Are they willing to buy again?

Remember that perceived value gets people in the door, but it’s real value that gets them to return.

What are your thoughts?


Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.