Passion Breeds Success

What drove me to wake up at 5am on Christmas Eve and work for 6 hours?

Why did I sneak away to the basement for 3 hours on Christmas Day to work on a campaign?

It’s called PASSION.  In fact, it’s a burning passion that I have for building online businesses and direct response marketing.  I live it, breathe it, and love it!!  This passion has driven the success of numerous brands in 2011, and has created over 2,000,000 new customer acquisitions across the board.  It’s also provided my family with financial freedom and has allowed me to enjoy life on a level that most men can only dream of.

That’s why it’s especially painful to spend time with people that hate their careers.   And it seems like the only time that I spend time with these Negative Nancies is over the holidays when, of course, I get around the extended family.

Yesterday I was with my cousins at a holiday party (I have 28 first cousins on my father’s side of the family).   Most of my cousins have either  graduated from a prestigious college or are steady-eddie blue collar workers.  They were raised under the belief that you have 2 choices in life:

a.  Work hard in school, get into a good college, and lock in a job at a big company.

b.  If you’re not a scholar, then you get a blue collar job.

With those core beliefs hammered into their skulls year after year, it’s no wonder that they are all either:

a.  Working for a big company.

b.  Working a blue collar job.

Which is all good so long as they’re happy, right?   The reality is that they are all less-than-thrilled with their careers, and they traded war story after war story about “how work sucks.”

Each story shot a new pang of anxiety throughout my entire body.   What was killing me the most was that there is nothing I can say or do to change their minds about life.   I so badly wanted to interject:

“Yea guys, it’s really killing me sitting here listening to you bitch about how bad your lives suck.  Have you ever thought about making a change to what you’re doing?  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, you should quit your careers today and start following your true passion in life…”

I’ve tried something like this before.  Their minds are cemented by years of academic brainwash.  No hope 🙁

The truth is that following your passion in life is not in everyone’s DNA.  In fact, if everyone followed their passion, then who would take over the jobs of cashiers and garbagemen?  Our society would shut down.

Many of the readers of Direct Response have found their passion in life, whether it’s direct response marketing, running online businesses, or something else in this field.  In 2011 I was humbled to connect with DR marketers via this blog that churn out huge numbers on a day to day basis.

One marketer in particular stands out, Rick Del Rio.  Rick’s passion is LimeLight CRM.  He lives, breathes, and sleeps LimeLight.   Subsequently Rick has thousands of clients, all of which are fiercely loyal to LimeLight.

Additionally, all of the competition that previously dominated the DR CRM space is either out of business or has little traction.  Anyone that tries to get in the space is quickly eradicated.

Why is that?  Is it because Rick pays me to defame the competition?  NO – although I’ve been falsely accused of that.  NOTE: Rick doesn’t pay a red cent for these posts.  I put them up because LimeLight CRM has added enormous value to every campaign I work on.

The real reason why no one can compete in the DR CRM space with Rick is simple: Rick Del Rio is too damn passionate about LimeLight CRM.  He is 100% ALL-IN.  That keeps him 10-15 steps ahead of his competitors.


So how do you tap into your true passion?  What does it take to discover it?


For starters, it’s not money.   In fact, people that go into businesses / projects just for the money rarely achieve excellence.  And those that have temporary success quickly lose it to a hungrier, more passionate entrepreneur.

To find your passion in life think about what you love to do.   What’s your hobby?  What do you love doing?

Gerry Spence is the quintissential example of a man that followed his passion.  He lived to help out the little man.  He couldn’t stand people getting wronged by bullies and set out on a mission to stop it.  In his career as a defense attorney, Spence tried hundreds of Criminal and Civil cases, BIG CASES.  His burning passion turned him into America’s winnenest trial attorney.  He never lost a single jury trial.

Spence went up against the best of the best corporate lawyers, federal prosecutors, and high profile plaintiffs/defendants.  He would pour countless hours into his work.   It was a burning passion that led to Gerry Spence’s success.  And he subsequently WON EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing few people know about Gerry Spence is that he was a complete failure prior to discovering this passion.  In fact, he failed the Bar Exam 2 times.  On his 3rd try, he just barely passed.

Remind you of anyone else?  Ray Kroc, the milkshake salesman at 55, who went on take build McDonalds into a billion dollar juggernaut.

Or how about Jason Akatiff (aka Smaxor), owner of Ads4Dough.  Did he even graduate high school?  I don’t think he did.  Look at him now!!!

What about the leaders in the daily deal space, Danny Lee – Nate Poupko – and Sam Durso over at AdsDirect.  They actually worked more than I did over this holiday weekend!!!

Search high and low for your passion in life.  When you identify your passion hone in on it and get focused.

Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.