Prepay —> Weekly Terms —> Your Terms

Over the past year I’ve talked to a few hundred newbie advertisers that have offers they want to “test out” on a CPA basis.  You know the type – car salesman pitch: the offer is “amazing,” “it converts like wildfire,” “it cures cancer,” “blablabla.”  The advertiser then goes into a harangue about how they want to go live on a CPA basis with net terms.  SCREEEEECH!!! Say What? 

From the publisher’s perspective, giving terms on a CPA basis to a new advertiser is akin to asking a crackhead to watch over your bank account. 

If you’re a new advertiser and tried this pitch, you’d be luck to receive a call back from the publisher with a “no.” 

You’ve presented a zero-sum game to the publisher/network:

–  You can receive 30 days of traffic free and take off without paying (probably enough money to go buy a new Mercedes and Rolex)
–  If your offer doesn’t convert the publisher wastes his capital in advertising it.
–  You’re not creating real value to the publisher.  The most sought after publishers are busy.  It is not logical to work with you.

If you want to gain the attention of top publishers/networks, follow this 5 step process:

1.  Have your landing page created by an industry professional with a reputation.  If you don’t know any, email us at [email protected]/backup_22092016 and we’ll put you in touch with them.

2.  Agree to a guaranteed EPC or CPM with the publisher/network you’re trying to work with.  Make sure you are working with a reputable company. 

3.  Prepay.

4.  Once your offer is proven to convert, continue to establish rapport with the publisher/network on a prepay basis. 

5.  After you have a relationship built, move to more favorable terms.  At that juncture the publisher/network has worked your offer into their profit model.   They rely on your offer as much as you rely on them. 

Blam!  That’s it.  You’ve made it to the inside by putting your money where your mouth is.

Remember, the top publishers/networks in the space are very selective about who they work with.  They’ll turn down 99 out of 100 deals.  If you get in the front door, you’ll enjoy top quality traffic that will make you enormously profitable.  Once the initial relationship is established, economies of scale are realized.