Presale Pages That Convert & Are Compliant – Part 2

Last week I did a story on how to create a compliant presale page THAT CONVERTS.  The story gained a lot of popularity, and subsequently we received a lot of requests.

1.   Here’s the webinar that our FTC compliance lawyer, Tom Cohn, hosted with Jason Akatiff from Ads4Dough.  

2.  One of Jason’s lawyers pointed out that it costs 50k to get real testimonials.  Not true.  Check out the Informercial Testimonial Group.   The do it for less than 10k.  Tell them you talk to Rich from Direct Response and they’ll take care of you.

The importance of using an independant and certified 3rd party to get testimonials is simple.  They’ll guarantee that there’s no material connection to your offer.   NO MATERIAL CONNECTION.  Those words are key.  In order for testimonials to stand up in court, they have to come from a truely independant 3rd party.   That means:

– The people that gave the testimonials were not compensated.

– There’s no direct relationship to your group.  Sorry guys, you can’t use your mom or employees testimonials.

3.  Here’s some other groups that offer authenticated testimonials:

4.   I’m going to release a presale page by one of our clients later this week.  This page is 100% compliant and is crushing it.  Stay tuned.


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