Retargeting – What Is It and How Does It Benefit Us?

Did you know that 98% of web visitors do not buy?

Retargeting, also known as Behavioral Retargeting, is a media buying tactic that allows Direct Response advertisers to retarget their ads to people that visited their offers but did not buy.  As the abandons surf the net, your ads will follow them from site to site.  Since retargeting serves your ads to the people that engaged in your brand but did not buy, it is a less expensive and more effient way to convert consumers.

The overall effect that retargeting has on consumers is vast.  Think back to the last time you visited a product offer online and spent a considerable amount of time considering buying.  For whatever reason you chose to jump off  the offer prior to purchasing.

You then visited to look up the phone number of one of your friends.  Wam!  The same offer you just viewed has an ad right there in your face.  You take a second to notice it, then you plug in your friends address and Wam!  A new ad pops up from the same offer. This time you took note that this product must be “really popular” as you keep seeing it everywhere.

You then decided to hop on to check out this weeks NFL schedule.  Kaboom – ads come flying across the screen for the offer you almost bought.  After seeing the ad on credible site like and, you are convinced this is a good offer.  You click on the ad and complete your purchase.

Congratulations – you just got retargeted.

Retargeted ads can last for days online.

The setup is really simple.  By signing up for multiple ad networks you will receive retargeting cookies.  Place these cookies on your offer page so that after people that leave your offer page without buying will see your ad on the next site they visit.   This tactic, when implemented correctly, will improve your conversion rates manifold.

Here’s a couple of great articles and resources on retargeting:

NY Times


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