Rhinoceros Success

Have you ever noticed that almost all successful business owners flock together?  It’s a natural thing to hang out with likeminded individuals that share a burning passion for entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and thought leadership!  I’ve always found solace in mixing with driven internet entrepreneurs…great minds run in circles!

On the flip side of that coin, how unnatural does it feel to spend time with 9-5 cows (if it doesn’t then you are a cow)?  You know, the type that looked at Hurricane Sandy as an excuse to sit at home with their family in the dark for 2 days, doing absolutely fucking nothing!  They drag themselves to work and itch all day to leave early.  Come Friday at 4:59 the 60 second count down is on…ding it’s 5pm!  Bolting out of the office and off-the-grid till Monday only to wake up 30 years later wondering why they’re still living paycheck to paycheck.

The world we live in is a domesticated jungle.  You’re either a rhinoceros or a cow.  Rhinos bulldoze their way through obstacles, charging ahead to their dreams.   Life is an exciting venture for the Rhino, and his persistence/tenacity is a catalyst for success.

Grazing on the other side of the fence is the cow.  Cows sit around and complain about why their lives suck, how things could have been different, yada yada yada…  They chew on their grass hoping that they won’t get slaughtered tomorrow.

During my early years of high school I was a lost soul.  Surrounded by cows at a bad public high school, I had a hard time fitting in.  Idle conversations.  Partying.  Partying.  More Partying.  Was that what life was about?  Bored out of my mind I started heading down the path of the cow….

As luck would have it, during my junior year I met a successful entrepreneur who introduced me to Rhinoceros Success.  I consider myself very lucky to have had someone take time to show me path of the Rhino.  This was the first book my mentor had me read, and it literally changed my direction in life.

I dropped the cows in my life and focused all of my time on living like a Rhino.  I made new Rhino friends and started joining Rhino organizations.  I started eating and working out like a Rhino.  I matured into the Rhino I know I always was.

Be a Rhino and charge after what you want in life; don’t be a cow and let each day just pass by you.  Get your ass up and drive to work through the hurricane.  Why should a natural disaster stop you from reaching your goal?  You’re a god damn rhino, remember!!!  You defy the odds, reach for new heights, and turn setbacks into comebacks!!!!

We all want something out of life, but it is not going to come to us on a silver platter. We have to charge forward like a rhino and work hard to get where/what we want.

Unleash the Rhino inside of you!  Keep charging forward!!!


“You have one shot in this life! You have a choice each day that you have been blessed with to decide whether you will be a cow or a rhinoceros. This book will make you laugh, motivate you, challenge you, convict you, all at the same time. It is a quick read but a challenging read if you are honest with yourself and wanting to sieze the opportunities in life. There are those who go through life making and accepting excuses and then there are those who charge right through them and make things happen. This is a must read!” – Phil Kassell

“This book was recommended to me by one of my students.  I was apprehensive at first because the premise sounded funny but once you understand “the way of the rhino” it makes perfect sense.  Quick read with tons of nuggets to use in your daily life.  The idea of getting out of your rut and charging at all aspects of your life is very motivating and awe-inspiring. Must read for those that need a change in their lives (and at some point we ALL need that).” – Monique

 “Some snobby readers might find the simplicity of this book to be below them. Not I. It is literally one of the most influential books of my life. I love analogies to life, and that is all this author does, but with animals to people. Amazing concepts to life if you will just pay attention.  The life of a rhinocerous is a happy and exciting one.” – Nate Riggle















Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.