Rich Gorman’s Biz Op

Do you want to know how I went from a broke, tarnished, single, depressed man with bad credit, rising debt, and a broken down car?


A financially secure father of 2 wonderful children that is married to the woman of his dreams, a widely-recognized direct response industry expect, Owner/Investor of several successful Internet Startups, American Express Black Card member that drives a brand new Mercedes S550….

This  business opportunity is something that you can do to, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or currently employed at a dead-end job.

And best of all, this biz-op is ABSOLUTELY FREE.  There’s no credit card required.  If you do exactly what I tell you to do I guarantee that you’ll at a minimum triple your income AND likely make it to the top 1% of wealth in this country, just like I did.


Rich Gorman’s Biz Op Revealed


1.  Identify a career or business that has scale and get laser focused on it.  Remember, the Jack-Of-All is the Master-Of-None.  Become the Master-Of-One, just make sure the “One” is worth waking up to.

2.  Work 16-18 hours a day Monday-Friday.

3.  Work 8-12 hours a day on Saturday-Sunday.

4.  Put in working hours during every holiday and vacation.  This includes Christmas, Easter, and New Years day.

5.  Work consistently at this pace until…you’re dead.

6.  Surround yourself with talented people that have A+ work ethics.

7.  Pour all of your returns back into your business until you can pull returns without feeling it in your business.  And when you do pull the money out of your business, try to get some type of business tax deduction.  i.e.  If you’re going on a vacation with your family, mix in 1-2 days of work to enjoy a partial tax deduction for business travel.

i.e.  I drove an old Nissan Pathfinder up until recently.  My accountant told me that I ought to start doing corporate leases because I use my vehicle almost 100% for work.  What the hell, I might as well have a nice corporate lease if it’s tax deductible…..  If corporate leases were not tax deductible, I would drive an old, rusty, beat up car for the rest of my life.

8.  Never back down or settle for mediocrity.

9.  Command excellence from everyone you work with.  i.e.  Last week I offered $1,000.00 in cash + noted that I wouldn’t appeal any unemployment filings for people to leave our company that weren’t 100% committed to our mission.  I explained to everyone that we were tightening up our policies and expected more from each contributor on our team.

Guess how many people left the company?  Zero!!!

10.  Follow these core values:

1.  Take Ownership & Pride In Everything You Do

2.  Operate Harder & Smarter Than All Competition

3.  Laser Focus On Projects & Goals

4.  Perfectionists & Executionists Only

5.  Go Hard Or Go Home

6.  No Excuses, No Problems – Always Deliver Solutions

7.  Never Rest On Your Laurels

8.  No Paralysis By Analysis

9.  Maintain A Constant Sense Of Urgency

10.  Live Like A Honey Badger


That’s my biz op.  It’s FREE.  Plus the bonus gift is that if you follow-it consistently, you’ll enjoy much greater fruits to your labor!


Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.