ROI SPIKER: 3 Step Banner Creation Process

One of the easiest ways to DOUBLE your ROI on a direct response campaign is to DOUBLE your CTR.

Simple Math:

$2.00 CPM
100,000 impressions
$200 Media Buy

If you get 200 clicks, and your conversion rate is 5%, then you earn 10 new conversions @ $20 Per Conversion.

If you get 400 clicks, and your conversions rate is 5%, then you earn 20 new conversions @ $10 Per Conversion.

Hence TEST out new creatives ALL the time, and go with the creative that has the highest CTR.  Make sure to rotate in fresh creatives to replace exhausted displays (people love new)!


The Direct Response 3 step process to high CTR Banners is as follows:


STEP 1:  The Mommy Test:  Creating Easy To Understand Stories

Every creative must tell a story that is clear and understandable in 2 seconds.

KEY:  2 seconds – if you’re audience cannot understand what the banner is in 2 seconds then the banner has failed!

i.e.  If you were selling burgers, you’d want a banner with a picture of a Big Mac and a strong call to action.

Notice the difference in the 2 banners below.  Your audience doesn’t give a shit about your ad, nor do they want to think about it.   The ad MUST TELL A CLEAR & UNDERSTANDABLE:



Always “mommy” test your ad.  Simply show the ad to your mom and your friends moms.  Give them 2 seconds to look at it, and then ask what they saw.  If they can explain what your ad is then you’ve won!  “It’s a burger coupon”  SUCCESS!!!

If not then you better get back to the drawing board 🙂


STEP 2:  Color Wheel:  Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

Dadgummit, use the daggum color wheel when choosing your colors.  Opposite color combinations work.

My 2 favorite:

Blue & Orange (colors for this blog)

Red & Yellow


STEP 3:  Clear and Relevant:  The Button That’s Worth Clicking

Selling coupons?  Then your call to action should say something like “Retrieve Coupon.”  In the McDonald’s banner above, I would have change “CLICK HERE” to “GET CARD.”

Make your call to action relevant to your add, and get specific with the wording.

Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.