Searching For That Sweet Spot

Earlier today a client of mine asked me how I can get certain offers to back out at south of $10 when the going CPA on the networks is +$45.  The answer is simple:

Step 1: I make sure the offer I’m pushing traffic to is optimized to the point where we I can convert traffic at a higher level than my competitors.

Step 2:  I search for the Sweet Spots!!!

What’s a sweet spot?  In marketing we refer to sweet spots as those advertising channels that bring in THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.  Sweet spots are where the gold lies, and once you’ve found your sweet spot you should hone in on it and get as much gold as possible.

Sweet spots are quite addictive.   In fact, as we’ve seen with affiliates that pushed fake presale pages, it sometimes takes multiple layers of litigation before a marketer will give up their sweet spot.

Why’s that?  Simple, sweet spots are turnkey revenue sources that pull in revenue time and time again, whether the offer is stable or not….  That’s why affiliate pushers of health/beauty products can take take just about any decent offer and make it work on the “sweet spots.”  Product verticals that appeal to the masses are the best.


So How Do You Find The Sweet Spots?

Finding your initial sweet spots takes a lot of work.  Unless you have a friend in your industry who is willing to give away his sweet spots (unless he’s your best friend, and even then, it’s a long shot), then you’re going to have to figure it out on your own.  🙂

You’ll need to understand your customer and their buying patterns, times they shop, where they shop, etc.   This takes research, psychology, and… straight up trial and error.

When you start to buy traffic keep your spend to the the publisher’s minimums UNLESS you truly believe you’ve found THE SPOT.  You’ve gotta have a long-term mindset.

Additionally as you discover placements that don’t work out, DO NOT SAY TO YOURSELF:  “Damn, I just lost money.”  That mindset will fuck you up.  Instead say: “Fantastic, I’ve discovered that this channel is not where I want to make my investment in traffic.  I’m one more step closer to finding the next sweet spot.”

Once you find your first sweet spot scale your traffic up accordingly.  Usually to gain more impressions you have to up your spend, which decreases your profit per sale.  Nevertheless, if you are still profitable and the ROI makes sense, lower profit with higher sales makes perfect sense…economies of scale.

DO NOT get lazy by sticking to the first sweet spot you find.  The first sweet spot provides the perfect opportunity to TEST new creatives, landing pages, etc. to help you improve your profitability.  Even better, the traffic from your first sweet spot will help you learn a lot more about where your future customers shop, what triggers their response, etc.  This is data you can use to narrow your search for the next sweet spot.

Moving from 1 advertising medium to the other will call for you to partially reinvent the wheel.  i.e.  I launched on a campaign on the radio this week that started online.  While I’ve been able to narrow down the client demographic, benefits that cause conversions, and financial metrics to help improve the chances of success on the buy, I am nonetheless in new territory for this campaign.  I will surely have to invest quite a bit of money to find those sweet spots on this advertising medium, but at the end of the day my other sweet spots are 100% financing it 🙂

Work to find your sweet spots and then let your sweet spots work for you 🙂


Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.