The 4 Secrets to turning Media Buys into Millions Of Dollars

Everyone knows that PPC advertising is overpriced and nowhere near as productive as media buys.  i.e. We recently placed an online media buy for a reputation management firm.  The firm was backing out at a CPA of $75 per lead with approximately 10 leads a day on a highly targeted PPC campaign.  When we placed our media buy, the CPA dropped to $8 and we brought in around 30 leads a day.  Gamebreaker?  Unequivocally yes!!!

Through years of trial and error, I’ve narrowed media buys down to an exact science.   Here are the secrets to media buying:
1.  Buy Direct

Ad networks such as Pulse360 provide quick and easy access to high traffic websites like  The problem is that the ad networks charge a hefty premium on these placements.

The way around this is to buy direct.  Contact the sites you’re targeting and pose as an advertising agency.  Get your business license and setup a website that appears legit.  By purchasing direct from the website your costs go way down.  
2.  Target High Traffic Sites

If your offer appeals to the general public, then targeting high traffic general sites is a great way to bring in thousands of leads a day.  Product offers such as the Dish Network, middle range cost vehicles, and diet products do well on high traffic sites that appeal to the general public.  One of the best sites is 😉
3.  Create ads that draw attention

Your ad needs to stand out from the rest.  Add animation and use colors that will garnish the attention of your readers.  Yellow and red are the best contrasting colors to use in an ad, just ask MsDonalds.  If the website has a black background, use bright colors, and vice versa.

Make sure you ad is above the fold, meaning that users aren’t required to scroll down to view it.  You want to get in front of the consumers eyes as soon as they reach the page.

4.  The Higher The Relevance

The more relevant the site you advertise on, the better the results.  Reputation Management companies often advertise on sites such as or  Why are pages like this relevant?  As you guessed, it’s because every person and company that’s listed there is likely interested in having their name cleared.  These sites rank very easily on Google and can literally destroy one’s online reputation within minutes.  Hence, individuals frequenting these pages are highly interested in cleaning up the mess.

Find the relevant sites for your offer and buy the inventory.  If the CTR isn’t where you need it at, try different creatives.  In the wolrd of media buying, it’s all about split testing and split testing.  

It took me over a decade of headaches and a lot of money to discover these 4 secrets to media buying.  It took you less than 5 minutes 🙂