The Best Collections Process

If you’re running a continuity campaign, and one of your clients cards comes back declined, I highly recommend you place them in a email chain with a daily reminder to update their card.  Here’s some good copy that is sure to get their attention (I wouldn’t worry too much about pissing them off, they owe you money):

Subject:  ACTION REQUIRED – Client Name


Client Name –

This email is automated and will be sent to you daily until the issue directly below is resolved.

Notes: Month Day, Year payment has failed for Client Name or Company Name. Please update your credit card within 48 business hours. We appreciate your immediate attention.

To update your credit card information, please fill out this form: www.FormToUpdateCard”

Thank you,

Your Company Name


The real trick in this payment failure notice is to make sure there’s no unsubscribe button.  The daily reminders will surely cause a reaction, which more often than not is a payment update 🙂

We use Stormpost to send out these emails.  This will not work well with programs like iContact of Constant Contact, you really need to own your own IPs 🙂

It also helps considerably to have a collections agent calling the client daily!!!

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