THE MIGRATION To The Internet Medium

DMA Conference Dinner with my dear friend Tom Cohn, Ian Fernando, and Cliff Stein

In the mood to hang out with the brightest minds and deepest wallets in the Direct Response Industry?

Look no further than the DMA Conference in NYC!  LOLOLOL!!!!!  These guys operate on another level.

I had a BLAST this week spending time with my friends at the DMA Conference.  Most of the members of DMA are 40+ that buy millions of dollars a week in TV/Radio/Direct Mail/Print media.  These guys love to advertise!

GREAT NEWS for readers of Every single guy I met with is vying to get offers cranking online.  The big advertisers in TV/Radio/Direct Mail/Print are in love with the precise tracking methods available to online direct response marketing.  

Think about it for a minute fellas.   Where else can advertisers determine ALL of the following?:

– The exact location of their consumer (ip address).
– How many people actually viewed the ad (impressions).
– How many were engaged by the ad (CTR).
– Exactly where they went and what they did on the offer.
– The exact conversion rate.
– The exact amount of time people visited your offer.
– 100% collection of telephone, email, and address every time. 

We are at the vanguard of Direct Response 2.0: where traditional advertisers are forced to use OUR medium – the Internet.  With the proliferation of media channels via web based sources, our reach has grown exponentially.   More and more people are using the Internet to watch TV, listen to the radio, and read.  Mobile devices, gaming consoles, and platforms such as Google TV extend our reach even further.  With the easy click of a button our ads are live – when we want, where we want.

TV viewing is also at an all-time high.  Studies show that Americans are watching more video online, on their cell phones and on television, according to the Nielsen Company’s “three screen” report.

By the end of this decade I anticipate that all print, television, and radio will get delivered over the Internet.  Paper books, magazines, and newspapers are going to find themselves relegated to museums.   Traditional radio will receive a much deserved death.

Your continued devotion to Internet Marketing will pay dividends manifold throughout your lifetime.  Just stick with it and let the good times roll!!!

Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.