Twitter IPO Prediction – BIG $$$$$

Twitter’s long anticipated IPO is rumored to be on Nov. 15.

Twitter has revolutionized online communications.   From the way news is reported to how we mass communicate to our audiences, Twitter is a super-powerful tool.

I’ve seen what it can do first hand.  Our group is tapped into an affiliate network of some of the largest Twitter Handles in the world that can gain the attention of millions of people within minutes.  The viral affect of these campaigns can make or break a career, business, and reputation.  It’s VERY VERY useful for broadcasting your message 🙂  All it takes is an affiliate payout and these Handles go on blast….

As tapped into social media as I’d like to think I am, until this year I knew very little about Twitter.  It wasn’t until I hired one of the original creators of the aforementioned Twitter Affiliate Network that I learned how to effecively use  Twitter.  Here’s some interesting info about Twitter:

1.  There’s only a few ways that its monetized, notably sponsored hash tags & verified accounts.  Outside of this the Twitter staff seems to have little know-how on how to make money online.

2.  Twitter’s team knows that they have built something special but they’re not quite sure of what it is.

3.  Twitter HQ has flavored water (pretty tasty) and the offices are pretty unflattering outside of that.

There’s massive network effect on Twitter and there’s a ton of people that haven’t started using it or are not using it right.  Once Twitter gets their ad strategy down, learns how to properly monetize Sponsored Tweets, and uncovers other money making methods, the company will because enormously profitable!  That day is in the not too distant future 🙂

My predication is that Twitter’s IPO will be an enormous success and that the company is worth investing in.  There’s more untapped monetization opportunities in Twitter than I’ve ever seen in any internet company.  Twitter is the new crack in our culture and is gonna be a BIG MONEY MAKER.

Get in early and stay in, I am.

Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.