Utilizing The Best To Become The Best

Rick Del Rio. founder of Lime Light CRM,  is one of the smartest guys I’ve met in the direct response space.

A little over a year ago I was referred to Rick through a trusted partner in the industry.  After viewing the demo of Lime Light CRM I discovered that the initial integration and monthly fee of his CRM appeared to be much higher than that of his competition.   Although his CRM looked like it was the best, the price still seemed steep.

I asked Rick if he would lower his pricing a little.  The answer was an affirmative “no.”

I thought to myself “arrogant ba$tard.  I’m taking my business elsewhere.”

Our group  jumped on board one of his competitors CRMs, we’ll call them Optimum CRM (not the real name).  The barrier to entry was non-existant.  Things looked pretty good upfront.

Shortly after launching our campaign on Optimum CRM  problems starting popping up left and right.  We discovered the functionality was minimal and there were a lot of bugs.  When I tried reaching out to their tech support, it seemed like I was emailing a brick wall.  You know the feeling.

Then a huge ACH debit came through on our account from Optimum CRM that far exceeded the cost of Lime Light.  WTF!  We called Optimum CRM and discovered that we were receiving pretty hefty transactional fees – “didn’t you read subsection 2,102,381 of their agreement.”  No we didn’t – guess we’d like to cancel.  “Cancel?”  “You can’t cancel, you’re locked into a 1 year contract.”  Say What!

Using some hardball tactics Optimum CRM let us cancel.  Fewww.  I called Rick Del Rio up, asked for another discount, got another “No,” smiled, accepted bargaining defeat, and signed up.

That was the single best move I’ve made in my career as a direct response marketer.

Rick’s CRM is incredible.  My business partner, Hersh Sandhoo, a prolific programmer and great businessman, rarely gives credit to companies like Lime Light.  Maybe it’s just a programmer thing, but he seems to find a litany of problems with most services.  Never have I ever seen Hersh fall in love with a system the way he fell in love with Lime Light.   And for very good reason.

Lime Light CRM lives by a very important philosophy: “They Don’t Try To Be The Best At Everything, They Integrate With The Best.”

Indeed, while other CRMs invest millions of dollars into trying to become the best at everything, Lime Light identifies the best dedicated services in the world and integrates with them.  i.e. instead of developing their own expensive fraud prevention software, Lime Light integrates with top notch providers like Chargeback Guardian.

At Direct Response, we follow the same philosophy.  There’s only so much time in a day.  Instead of trying to become the best affiliate marketers in the world ourselves, we’ve identified the very best media buyers/email marketers and partnered with them.  On design, we utilize 3 of the most sought after direct response designers in the world.

There are a lot of megalomaniacs running around the direct response space.   These company’s suffer from delusional fantasies of omnipotence.

Don’t fall into that trap.  Identify your strengths and hone in on them.  Then utilize the best resources around you and you will become the best at what you do.