What Do You Do?

As a direct response marketer, internet entrepreneur, investor, blogger, and inventor, I often times get tongue-tied when someone asks me “What do you do for a living?  What do I do for a living!?!

Here’s some of my common answers, none of which have hit the nail on the head:

Answer 1:   “I make money on the internet.”   That sounds a little shady though, doesn’t it?

Answer 2:  “I own online businesses.”  A little ambiguous, still kinda shady.  Also opens doors to conversations I’d rather not have.  After all, here in Pennsylvania, when most people hear “CPA” they think of “Certified Public Accountant.”

Answer 3:  “I’m a direct response marketer.”  Most people have no fucking clue about what that is.

Answer 4:  “I’m a business owner.”   Opens up doors to questions like “what kind of businesses?”  Eh!  Most people don’t understand.

Answer 5:  “I’m a marketer.”  But that doesn’t really explain what we do 🙂


If you were to ask me what I do, I’d say “I run offers in a variety of verticals.”  But that’s Greek to the people that don’t know our industry.   What should I tell them that I do?

Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.