Direct Response Consulting Service

Has the Direct Response blog helped your business?  Have you made more money from reading our publication?  If so, then spike your conversions through the roof with the Direct Response consulting team!!!

Do you have an offer that you’d like to launch or take to the next level?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.  The Direct Response Team specializes in turning sound ideas into viable offers.  We know what works and aim to blow campaigns out of the water.

We drive exponential growth for our clients. Our team knows how to engage  responses from savvy consumers.  We create top performing campaigns that convert consumers into customers.

How Can You Become A Client?

In order to create the highest converting campaigns and deliver massive distribution, Direct Response focuses on a select few advertiser relationships.   We want to make sure our advertisers are in the best position from start.  Here are the basic guidelines advertiser’s must meet prior to working with Direct Response:

–  Direct Response requires all clients utilize either LimeLightCRM, Sales Force CRM, or a custom legacy system.  We want to ensure that our clients have the proper infrastructure to scale their offers, therefore we require that you use a CRM that we believe can sustain your growth.

–  Client must have at least 2 years experience in online marketing.

–  Client must have an advertising budget of +$20,000 per month.

Next Steps

To kick start a consulting engagement, we start with a 1 hour consulting session.  During this session we will start our discovery phase.  This phase allows us to review your offer, discuss your goals, and start creating solutions.  Additionally during the initial consultation, we will determine whether or not the project is a fit for the Direct Response Team.

Step 1:  Prepay 1 Hour Consultation.  Contact Us via Consulting(at) for payment instructions.

Step 2:  You will be contacted within 1 week of payment to schedule the consultation.  Due to demand and scheduling, consultation appointments are usually booked out 3-4 weeks in advance.  i.e.  If you call to schedule your 1 hour consulting session on November 1, the scheduled date will be between November 21-28.

Step 3:  You will receive a bridge for the call.

Important Disclaimers

Running a successful online business takes unwavering desire, determination, and discipline.  Rich Gorman’s Direct Response Consulting Service is designed to set you on the right track, however it is not built out as a campaign management service.  You will need to determine whether the solutions you discover during the consultation call are best applicable to your model, and execute accordingly.

Often times Rich will refer you to a trusted third party vendor.  We encourage you to do your thorough due diligence before moving forward with any engagement outside of your consultation.

Thank you and we look forward to taking your offer to the next level!

NOTICE:  Currently our teams are focused on internal projects.  We are not accepting new clients for consultation work at this time.