2 Call Center Monetization Methods Reviewed

There’s nothing quite like a “hot lead.”  Whether it’s the prospect that just walked into your store off the street that’s interested in your services or a user that submitted their info on your website, the sooner you can take action on the lead the higher the probability that you’ll turn the “data into dollars.”

In this post I’m going to delve into 2 very common call center monetization methods:  Abandons & Order Verifications.


Anytime a prospect fills out a call-to-action box on a landing page and then doesn’t purchase, they’re automatically classified as an “abandon.”   Abandons are GOLD!!!  The key is to call them fast…the more time that passes, the less of chance that you’ll close em.  You’ve gotta hit abandons while they’re still excited about your product…but didn’t buy online because they needed a little nudge to get past the finish line 😉

There’s a litany of excellent call centers that crush abandons.  A good call floor can increase your margins by 10%+ by dialing abandons.  That’s free money!


Order Verifications

Every time you get an order, call centers can call the order and “verify” it with the new customer.  From there they can pitch upsells & cross sells.

If you are going to do order verification upsells, then I strongly recommend that you have strict QA standards in place.  I’ve seen a lot of offers upsell like crazy on order verifications calls but had an immediate spike in refund requests that FAR EXCEEDED the revenue from upselling.

Also, if you have an offer that has aggressive billing tactics, i.e. a trial, I would recommend against using order verification upsells.  You are almost sure to get hit with a litany of cancellations.


Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.