3 Vanity Number Tricks In Direct Response Marketing

Take a QUICK look at this toll free number: 866-497-6481.

Take one more QUICK look:  866-497-6481.

OK, now don’t look at it again.  Instead look away and repeat it, saying it out loud. How did you do?  (Don’t cheat 🙂 )

The majority of your audience will have a difficult time remembering this number. Without a rhythm or cadence, it is very hard to a recall a seemingly random series of numbers.

In mobile, display, banner, radio, and TV advertising, you will gain a huge competitive advantage by using a vanity number.  Vanity numbers are numbers that are easy to remember and have a cadence or rhyme to them.  i.e.  1-800-800-8000.

There are three basic principles behind vanity numbers:

1. Use Vanity Numbers Use simple, repeatable numbers like  800-600-6060. I’ve seen the response from vanity numbers double that of non-vanity numbers.  BOTTOM LINE: use vanity numbers on your campaigns!!!

2. Prepare The Listener For The Number (for Radio) Besides the number itself, the other component to vanity numbers is when to say the number and how often to say it. Radio is a linear medium, so it matters when you give the listener the number. They can only act when you tell them to act or have prepared them to act. So there is a time to provide them a number to prep them for action, and when to drive it home when you want them to act.

Remember the radio listener is also trying to hear your message, form an opinion and emotionally connect to the offer. Until they have reached that point they are not ready to act. Pushing the number too many times, or too early, could result in a shutdown of that process.

3. Eliminate Any Doubt From The Equation Finally, USE A TOLL FREE NUMBER THAT STARTS WITH A1-800. DO NOT USE 1-866. DO NOT USE 1-877. Consumers hesitate when they hear these prefixes. They still don’t think of them as “toll free”. That hesitation causes them to not recall the number, or refuse to call it altogether. That translates to wasted media spending.

On the surface, vanity numbers may seem like a small component of your overall direct response campaign…remember, it’s the aggregate of all “small components” that parlay into marketing that will give you competitive advantage over your competitors. In competitive verticals, when all else is equal, it’s the offer with the highest yield that wins.  The proof is in the numbers 😉

P.S.  Our team is starting to delve into the world of DR TV, Radio, and PR.  We’re working with a badass prime-time remnant media buying agency that writes the copy, records voice overs, and shoots production…FOR FREE.  The min. spend to work with these guys is $50k a month and you need to be able to afford a few months.  They are masters at the health & beauty game and are behind some of the largest brands in the world:  Sensa, Hyroxatone, Jillean Michaels, ProActiv and many more.  They also run TV / Radio for Rosetta Stone, Anthony Robbins, H&R Block, Ancestry.com, and many more big TV/Radio hits.

They’ve asked for me to keep their info confidential, however if you’re financially qualified and has a brand that is successful online, please leave a comment below with your brands name.  I’ll email you from your comment if I think there’s a fit, and make an introduction accordingly.

Again, you have to have a brand that is doing well online and a min. spend of $50k per month for DR Radio/TV.  Also, because they’re buying remnant prime time spots, you’re brand needs to have NOT yet received TV/Radio coverage.  If it has then there is a conflict of interest as this agency buys remnant primetime only, which is a mere fraction of the pricing of direct prime time buys.

If you’re brand is accepted into their agency, then expect your phones to ring off the hook.  These guys are masters at the Direct Response game and have sent hundreds of thousands of customers to brands that I work with!!!

Rich Gorman is an internet entrepreneur. His primary focuses are on direct response offers and SaaS models. When not working Rich enjoys spending time with his family.