4 Easy Tips: How To Create Compliant Presale Pages THAT CONVERT!!!

There’s been a lot of news coverage this week about fake news articles, aka farticles.  The FTC finally brought the hammer down and is on a witch hunt.  The big word floating around the entire online direct response industry is “compliance.” 

Yea yea, you’ve heard it before.  You meet someone that gets the “compliance bug” and starts talking about how they’re going to create a landing page or presale page that is totally compliant.   Then you don’t hear from them for a few months and…

And they’re back with the same old same old you know what.

This time around things are different.  Afiliates, advertisers, and networks have no choice – they’ll need to run compliant presale pages or not run traffic at all.  There’s no pass-go.  If you’re an affiliate, advertiser, or network, this post is critically important to read. 

The great news is that it is super easy to create a compliant presale page that converts!

You may be wondering: Well, if it’s so easy to create a compliant page, then WHY is it that so many affiliates / advertisers have such a hard time creating offers that convert and are compliant at the same time? 

 Well, it’s not that they have ill intentions – rather most either get lazy or just don’t know how.   It takes years of experience in direct response copy and design to really understand the psychology behind good presale pages. 

Follow these 4 tips on creating compliant presale pages and you’ll not only make millions, but you’ll get to keep it:

1.   Write Good Copy

Good copy is everything in online direct response marketing.   When creating a presale page, customers need to clearly see the benefits of the product you’re promoting.   They also need to feel that the source is authoritative.

Advertorials work well because they appear authoritative.  Print advertisers have used advertorials for years.   Here’s some insider tips:

– Use real customer testimonials.  If you don’t have real testimonials, we can show you ways to get them without violating regulations.

– Use an authoritative looking figure (just add the keyword “stock photo” below the photograph).  Here’s how Gary McNelley at Market Health uses “stock photo” http://www.acaiberryselect.com/.  It’s to my understanding that these pages were vetted by Venable LLP.

– Do not use trademarked news logos in a deceptive manner.   Instead, do the legwork and get news sources to review your company.  A great way to get legitimate news sources to pick up a story is through PRweb.com.  Go online and do a press release about the product you’re promoting.  So long as it’s newsworthy (make sure it’s accurate too), places like the USA Today, Yahoo News, etc. will pick it up.  Then you can legitimately say “as seen in.” 

i.e. I did a press release via PRweb about directresponse.net/backup_22092016.  I had the following publications pick it up:

Yahoo News
USA Today

Now I can legitimately promote to clients that Direct Response was listed in the above news sources (BTW, We don’t actively advertise.  All of our business is reffered to us.  If we did advertise our services, then I’d definitely use the above logos.)

– You can also do paid reviews from authoritative blogs and newssites.  Did you know that most of the news publications that these fake news articles used are actually more than happy to let advertisers use their logos?

Sure thing.  Run an ad online via CNN and ask them to note on your presale page that you’d like to use their logo.  More likely than not they’ll oblige.  Afterall it’s your advertising dollars that keep them in business.   Note: make sure you get their permission in writing to use the logos.  Also, do not use the logos in a deceptive manner.  

2.  Utilize Social Media To Create Trust

– Create a facebook page and add a plugin.

– Hire a company to go out and get you fans.  Make sure the plugin on your presale page is prevalent.

– Hire an independant 3rd party to create an entire social media presence.  Plug this into your presale page so people can see how many other people trust your brand.  The more people that consumers see trust your brand, the lower the risk they’ll feel, as follows your page will convert higher.

3.  Create A Compelling Design

Go all out and have a custom presale page designed.  We have really good design teams we work with that know exactly how to create compliant presales pages that convert.

Don’t use a run-of-the-mill designer.  They’ll waste your time and money.  Retain a designer that is experienced in the direct response space. 

4.  Retain a firm that understands FTC/FDA/Visa/Mastercard compliance.

When it’s all said and done, have your counsel review the page.  This can cost a couple thousand dollars, but it’s worth it.  Do not go off my word, your designer’s word, or anyone elses.   Make sure you have a seasoned attorney review all claims that are made on the page.

I recommend these 2 law firms for FTC compliance reviews:

Venable LLP

Remember, any fool can go out and make millions of dollars in the online direct response space.  It takes a wise man to keep it.

Spend the extra time and energy creating a legitimate brand.  Watch the campaign like a hawk.  You will need to optimize the pages many times before you have a perfect model.  Then copy and paste it throughout all of your campaigns.


Here’s how you can earn an additional $150,000 on the campaign and make your lawyers fall in love with you.

1.  After you’ve gone through the painstaking and quasi-expensive process of creating a compliant presale page that converts, copyright the design of the page via US Copyright Office.   It’s easier to have a good copyright attorney do it for you.

2.  Register the design via DMCA.

3.  Retain a contingency attorney to go after rogue affiliates/advertisers that copy your design.   Have each infringer prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

You will will receive an automatic $150,000 in statutory damages + attorney fees from each violator.  If they don’t have money you can slap a lean on them and garnish their wages.  That means that after your done suing their ass and they get a job at McDonalds, around 40% of their wages will get kicked back to you 😉


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