Branded Direct Response – Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone

If you can build a brand at the same time that you are converting a product, all the better. Over the past 5 years dozens of products have launched on online direct response to make it into retail. If you are a DR advertiser, put your time, energy, and budget into running products that have… Read more »

2017 Affiliate Marketing for Health & Beauty

Word on the block is that a number of high-powered attorneys are going after a number of networks for de-frauding advertisers. Our thoughts is that if you cannot run traffic yourself to your health/beauty offers, then you’re probably running a scam these days. The trial space involves criminal bank fraud.   Really dangerous stuff that can… Read more »

The Entrepreneurs Guide To Launching an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Over the past year I have delved deep into the world of software development and have worked on several pure SaaS MVPs. Prior to this nearly all of the software development I’ve been involved in was for service based models.  And in each of these businesses I hired product managers to drive the entire process forward…. Read more »

Test DR Campaigns in BrowswerStack

Our team tests well over 10,000+ web pages every month.   For QA testing purposes we’ve found that BrowserStack is one of the most reliable tools to test in all web browsers. From experience we would also suggest using Google Chrome when testing on desktop directly.   There are major cache issues in Safari, Internet Explorer (yes people… Read more »

Updates from Direct Response Founder Rich Gorman

Dear DR Marketers, Our team here at Direct Response misses engaging with you on this blog.   Over the past year we’ve found ourselves venturing into new territories while expanding on old ones, bogging us down with more work than we know what to do with at times. In the past we used to blog about… Read more »

46 Questions Every Tech Founder Should Ask Themselves

  Follow this step-by-step questionaire to gain a deeper understanding of your startup: 1.   Clearly define your crazy idea that may have a significant chance of working. 2.  What type of company am I building? e. Is it an agency, SaaS, professional services?  This is an important question so you can understand the potential… Read more »

Load Balancing Gone Criminal: The Dangerous Game of Using Multiple MIDs to Avoid Chargeback Thresholds

Below is a post by attorney Richard Newman.   While I don’t post much on this publication anymore, I thought this was an important piece to share with the direct response community.   In the upcoming months/years I predict multiple criminal actions against “free trial” merchants that submit false information to banks to acquire merchant… Read more »

Website Optimization 101

Optimizing your website so that it is mobile and desktop friendly is critically important to every campaign.  People are 5 times as likely to leave a website if it is not optimized. In fact, these days Google adds a ton of weight to user experience when ranking websites.   If your website is optimized so that search engines… Read more »

10 Commandments For Direct Response Marketers

Taken from the masters of Direct Response, Guthy Renker: 1. Thou shalt take risks. Risk is a prerequisite for success. So feel the fear and do it anyway, and know that every entrepreneur before you has felt the pang of panic at one time or another. The trick is to fight the fear with four… Read more » Pay-Go Supplement Program

One of the smartest ways to maximize your ROI on direct response campaigns is to Pay-Go products.  Under the Pay-Go model, you can order products on demand, hence as you receive orders you can have your orders fulfilled.  That way you don’t have to invest in high levels of inventory that you may or may… Read more »

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