Donald Trump | Who Cares What People Think

I like Donald Trump…a lot.  Here’s why: 1.   He’s a smart business man that has made billions of dollars by consistently making good moves and learning from his mistakes. 2.  He is adamant about his beliefs and doesn’t fold when people question him. 3.  He’s not a career politician, instead he has real experience outside… Read more »

The 2016 Advertiser’s Guide To Launching A Brand Campaign

“If you sell to the masses you’ll live with the classes. If you sell to the classes, you’ll live with the masses.” – Unknown

Imagine you built a product offer that really took off on direct response. Your customers love the product, and based on their very positive feedback, you’ve found them coming back to buy more and more.

Entrepreneur’s Challenge: Getting In The Right Space

You can be the best entrepreneur in the world, but if you are in the wrong industry then THERE IS NOTHING you can do to succeed.  And I mean nothing. Several years ago I was part of an online reputation management startup that quickly scaled.   Our company was one of the definitive top 3 players… Read more »

Regrets Energize Champions

Champions are energized by their failures…they come back stronger than ever.  Regrets don’t debilitate….they motivate. “I should have more careful before entering that market.  Next time I’m going to do much more due diligence and make it work.” “I could have made that company a success if I had only taken the path that I… Read more »

Imitation Is Suicide

Stop being an admirer, and find your signature.   There is nothing greater in this world than creating something unique that scales. 2015 has definitely been the best year yet…found a new method to the madness that works. As my grandfather used to say, “if you’ve found something great, the less people know, the better… Read more »

It’s All About Perspective

In life, it’s all about perspective. If you take on a winning attitude, stay positive, and view challenges for what they are, then you are assuredly going to have most things go your way. If you make yourself into a victim, are constantly negative, and blame your problems on others…then you are sure to turn… Read more »

Instant Gratification = Higher Conversions

People in general are inclined to instant gratification. While some cultures are more patient than others, at the end of the day we all prefer to receive our discounts/orders sooner rather than later. Here’s some ideas for instant gratification to increase conversions: –  offer free shipping –  offer coupon savings for shipping/handling –  offer coupon… Read more »

Employees are Employees, not Entrepreneurs

Over the past few years I have gone into business with several of my employees.   With the exception of just a couple of guys, this was a terrible mistake. Employees are typically risk averse folks that enjoy routine and shine in clearly defined roles.   Given the opportunity to take control of their destiny by owning a business… Read more »

Top 5 Must-Haves For International Direct Response Campaigns

In the past, when the U.S. sneezed the rest of the world caught a cold.  These days, there’s just as much if not more opportunity in international markets than there is in the U.S.. International campaigns have a lot of upsides that domestic campaigns don’t.   Often advertising is  less expensive, competition is thinner, civil risk is… Read more »

Jamming Super Hard

Wish I had more time to write on DR these days, but have been super slammed with work and spending time with the family. Looking forward to the lull over the holiday and adding more content here. Thank you for still paying attention <3

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