Revenue Is Equally Important To Product

Yesterday I was speaking to a friend that has deep roots in the finance world.  He is currently consulting with a company that raised $80M in capital yet only spit out $5M in revenue…which subsequently led to a Chapter 11 filing. He asked me “Rich, I’ve seen you generate far more revenue with no outside… Read more »

Talkers vs. Walkers

There’s a lot of talkers in this world…talking heads on TV, commenters, pundits with opinions. The talkers talk about the walkers…who walk. Who are you, a talker or a walker?

Campaigns 101 – Just A Passing Thought

Shouldn’t we all consider the following in every online campaign: 1.  Optimize to increase CTR on our ads. 2.  Optimize lander and checkout. 3.  Lower processing rates, from reserve to discount rate…even the small things like refund fees add up and should get lowered. 4.  Localize fulfillment. 5.  Decrease product cost…volume, different combos, labels. 6…. Read more »

The 4 Outcomes Of Every Internet Startup

So you’re thinking about launching an internet based company…eggggesellent!    Here’s the 4 potential outcomes of every internet startup: Successful Exit – you sell your business and you’re a hero.   This is every internet entrepreneurs dream and why most of us get in the game.   The big exit is a life changing event…even smaller… Read more »

Why I hire maids, nannies, yard maintainers, and other life assistants

There’s a rule of thought amongst many “9 to 5ers” that it’s more cost effective, or perhaps even noble, to do your own laundry, dishes, yard maintenance, home cleaning, etc. etc.…nothing could be further from the truth. On average people spend 10 hours a week doing chores! 10 hours! Let’s add that up and see… Read more »

Part 3 Update: Philadelphia Butler

Making a lot of progress on the Philadelphia Butler project.  Copy is completed.  Ty brought on a strong operator that will co-found the venture.   Worked up some designs and are going through the doldrums of setup…fun fun! Below is the design I picked out from the batch, which in a nut-shell best explains what Philadelphia Butler… Read more »

Part 3: Wrapping Up Design & Business Structuring

Made a lot of progress this week on the design for    Interior pages are almost completed:   Next steps in the build-out of Ty’s business are as follows: –  write copy for pages –  setup toll-free number with a 24/7 answering service –  register LLC –  procure insurance –  write sales & customer… Read more »

Part 2: Progress On Philadelphia Butler

Design is underway compliments of our team at DRA.   More to come soon, back to the grind.

Part 1: Giving Back To Aspiring Entrepreneurs – A Philly Story

For the past 10+ years I’ve worked for myself as an internet entrepreneur.   It’s been an amazing journey, and let me tell you, what they don’t teach you in school you certainly learn in the field. Indeed, the only true way to build a business that is empowered by the internet is to put… Read more »

Direct Response Blog Design – Thoughts On Direction?

Thank you to everyone that has reached out to me recently RE bringing Direct Response back.   Very excited to start writing again and really appreciative of your support. This blogs original focus was on direct response marketing, and over time grew into much more than that.  I found myself writing a lot about both personal… Read more »

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