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In the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), two online marketing strategies stand out to be the superstar player in the game.  Search Engine Optimization helps businesses rank organically in the search engines where the clicks are free.  Pay-Per-Click adverting helps businesses that are not ranked organically in the top of the search engine display their ads to their audience for the most relevant keyword or key phrases.  This article will help you select and understand how to effectively pick relevant SEO and PPC keywords.

Picking highly effective key phrases rather than keywords.

Many people over-think the most basic keyword research concept and tend to target keywords that are too broad and way too competitive.  The first question you should ask yourself is “what products or service do I sell?”  If you sell software or dog food, keep in mind the root word should never be selected as a keyword for SEO and PPC.  The keyword “software” and “dog food” is way too broad and expensive.  Ask yourself, “What kind of dog food do I sell?”  If you sell organic dog food, then one of the keyword ad-groups should focus around organic dog food.  Within the “organic dog food” category, you should try to find or logically think what other variations can fit inside this main category (ex: wellness dog food, best dog food, natural dog food, and organic raw dog food).  Same concept applies to “software,” if you sell software that helps telemarketers be more efficient with their time, then find keywords that target your niche.

The Wonder Wheel from Google is, in my opinion, the best little secrete for businesses looking to understand keyword variations and what type of keywords are searched on a daily basis.  The Wonder Wheel can be accessed by doing a search and then selecting the Wonder Wheel link on the left hand side/column of the search result page.  With the Wonder Wheel, you can see a visual representation of what Google and what users search and see grouped together.  This alone can be utilized to develop categories of keywords and stay organized from an ad-group level.

With that said, below are 7 steps to leverage and increase website conversions:

1.  Recognize and identify your conversion goals – most organization will identify their “key performance indicators” (KPI) which is a specific measure of an organization’s performance in some area of its business.  Once this is identified an organization can plan the following next steps.

2.  Define & acquire target markets – this is done by applying the 40/40/20 rule.- 40% on targeted keywords (i.e. finding the right media buy via Google Sponsor Links)- 40% on targeted keywords that provide only hot offers (i.e. discounts or free consultations)

–  20% on web 2.0 creatives.

3.  Optimize website structure – find compelling landing pages and mimic similar ones.  Look at your competitions message and site structure and see if you can optimize that.

4.  Create a compelling message – this will probably take you the longest time to create, but keep it short and simple and get your point across.

5.  Call to action – words that urge the visitor of a sales promotion to take immediate action, such as “Fill Out Our Form for a Free Consultation,” “Call Now,” or “Click Here.”

6.  Optimize shopping cart or lead capture process – make a simple one page checkout for your customer and clients

7.  Test, Test and Test – track all results and measure.


1. Check out monthly search stats from the invaluable Google Keyword Tool

2. The Wonder Wheel is awesome; a Google engineer walks thru how it can be used here.

3. Wordtracker is a paid but widely used keyword and competitive intelligence tool.


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