Ted Dhanik: Media Buy King

For those of you that don’t know, Ted Dhanik is the man behind the #1 KICK ASS Ad Network in the world, Engage BDR.   The top affiliates in health, beauty, and biz opp buy the majority of their traffic from Engage BDR.   If I had to guess, I’d say that 90% of the traffic at networks like Ads Direct, Ads4Dough, and other top affiliate networks comes directly from Ted’s Ad Network.  Sorry guys, the cat is out of the bag 🙂

I caught up with Ted yesterday and asked him to write a guest post for Direct Response.  Ted will go all out guys.  He is going to send us his 1hr long speech from the recent Ads4Dough Meetup – which is arguably the most exclusive invite only event in the affiliate marketing world. 

Plus Ted has committed to sharing some of his inside tips on media buying. 

A quick tid-bit on Engage BDR:

1.  Engage BDR is a managed ad network, which means that Ted’s staff sets the placements of your ads.

2.  Engage BDR can easily hit thousands of sales a day.  i.e. Affiliates in the diet vertical often back out at a $9 CPA on Ted’s network – they in return earn a $30-45 CPA from affiliate networks.   Not a bad spread especially when they scale up.

3.  Engage BDR is not cheap.  The barrier to entry is 25k.  If you expect to have success with Engage, you’ll need to have a large budget, preferrably in the $50k+ a week. 

Here’s how it works from the advertiser side. 

1.  Engage BDR gives the advertiser a large number of targeted placements on high traffic sites. 

2.  The advertiser will place a pixel on the confirmation page of their site. 

3.  The advertiser will send all banner creatives to Engage BDR and direct Engage BDR where to link to. 

4.  Ted places the banners and the sales come flying in.

5.   The advertiser watches stats like a hawk minute by minute.  

6.  Engage BDR optimizes the campaign by getting rid of Banners on sites that aren’t performing and increasing the rotation on sites that are performing.

7.  The CPA starts to drop and conversions increase.

8.  Voila!  The advertiser is flooded with sales at a very low CPA. 

NOTE: It is critical that you keep the campaign running.  If you pause the campaign all ad placements will get sold to other advertisers / affiliates. 

NOTE 2:  Make sure you have your shit together before you go live with Engage BDR. 

–  Site Converts Really Well

–  Merchant Processing Can Handle Massive Volume

–  Products and Fulfillment Are Ready To Go.

–  Budget Is Set.

–  Target CPA For Profitability Set.

Ok, I’ll let Ted take over from here.  His post should be live by the end of the week, it’s gonna be a good one 🙂


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