Updates from Direct Response Founder Rich Gorman

Dear DR Marketers,

Our team here at Direct Response misses engaging with you on this blog.   Over the past year we’ve found ourselves venturing into new territories while expanding on old ones, bogging us down with more work than we know what to do with at times.

In the past we used to blog about the specific projects we work on, however that led to some challenges for us with competitors attempting to rip our business models and subsequently trolling us online when they failed.  For the sake of IP, we don’t go into details about projects anymore.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce that the following updates from Direct Response team in 2017:

  • –  We’ve successfully launched multiple brands via Direct Response that have made it into retail now.   One of the brands is publicly traded, the rest are privately held.
  • –  Our group has launched a number of software platforms that are in the process of achieving scale…yes you heard that right, software!
  • NOTE:   We ran into a number of snags along the way as our core competency is in building digital marketing material that we drive traffic to to convert leads/sales.   However, we are quick studies and have learned from the best along the way.   Going to launch a subsequent article on the best practices for software dev for Direct Response Marketers.
  • –  The service model industry that we are in has continued to grow.  Now more than ever before people are transacting business online, resulting in an increased demand for providers that can handle the servicing of these orders.
  • –  Last but not least we have expanded our content marketing vehicles to add new tools that allow for far reaching and granular targeting.   Thank you to our outside investors for making those dreams come true.

Also, over the past year we have significantly diversified our team.  We now have Developers/UX/UI from the Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Spain, and other parts of Easter Europe that we work with.   Nevertheless, we keep it real with our Indian devs, whom will always have a place on the Direct Response team.

It’s been a great 2017 and the final push is on.   Thanks for listening to our updates and hope to talk to you soon.

  • –  Rich Gorman
  • Founder, Direct Response